About Us

Based in Orange NSW. Turtle TCG is a new adventure for us where we aim to contribute back to the wonderful community that exists.

We sell Trading Cards including Pokémon, Dragon Ball Super, Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon, card accessories to protect those precious pulls and board games.

Born from our passion for this industry and the cardboard that brings us joy.
We are eager to provide an excellent service to our customers and become more engaged in the community that makes this hobby unique.

If you do have any questions or suggestions we are always open to feedback as we strive for that excellent experience we all deserve.
You can reach us at the following locations:

  • Info@TurtleTCG.com.au
  • Using our "Contact Us" page
  • Our Facebook page "TurtleTCG"
  • Our Instagram page "TurtleTCG_au"